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Heating furnace

Heating furnace

Product model:5L-2000

Product brief:5L-2000

Product introduction

Product features

VSEE-JIUYANG supported by technology, market-oriented, focus on drying equipment research and development, manufacture.Full range of product variety, technical comprehensive, dryer has series of 10 t, 15 t, 20 t, 30 t, 40 t, 50 t, 80 t, 100 t, 130 t, 150 t, etc. Drying furnace has series of 5L-305L-605L-13005L-15005L-2000 five effective indirect furnace, suitable for paddy , wheat, corn, maize, seeds and grain drying, ensure that the moisture content of paddy, wheat, seeds is higher than the national storage standards.

Functional action diagram

1. Automatic input and automatic output by high air pressure.

2. According to temperature demands, paddy husks and air volume are controlled by automatic frequency conversion to save paddy husk and electricity power.

3. High efficiency stainless steel tube, good thermal conductivity.

4. Exchange conduction with 9 times, the highest thermal conductivity.

5. Automatic control temperature range ±1℃ of Hot and cold wind.

6. PLC human-machine operation, intelligent and automatic control.

Specification parameter


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